Boss RE-20 Space Echo

Boss RE-20 Space Echo

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Boss Re-20 Twin Pedal
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One of the most beloved echo effects ever made, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, has been reborn as the BOSS RE-20 Twin Pedal! Roland and BOSS have recreated every sonic detail and nuance of the original. Experience the legendary tape-echo sound of the RE-201, and get “lost in space” with this retro-modern marvel.

Amazing simulation of the famous Roland RE-201, with the spacious, analog tone of the original Space Echo

Faithful modeling of the RE-201’s tape flutter and magnetic head sound saturation

Tap input pedal allows delay time to be set by foot

Longer delay time than the original RE-201

Control parameters such as REPEAT RATE, INTENSITY, and more via Expression pedal.

MODE SELECTOR knob with 12 placements just likes the original Space Echo
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