Remo 12 Ambassador Coated

Remo 12 Ambassador Coated

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Remo 12 Ambassador Coated
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AMBASSADOR heads are made using a single ply 10 mil film to produce an open, bright, and resonant sound with plenty of attack.These medium-weighted heads are one of the three original WEATHERKING series.Coated AMBASSADOR heads are referred to as the worldwide industry standard batter heads for studio and live applications. They are the factory-supplied drumhead of choice for almost every OEM snare drums because of their tunability, open, bright and resonant tones. Coated AMBASSADORS have a warmer attack than Clear AMBASSADORS. They are also the Timbale drumhead.Some artists who rely these heads are Gregg Bissonette, Vinnie Colauita, Steve Gadd, Curt Bisquera, Matt Chamberlain, Josh Freese, Abe Laborial Jr, Jeff Tain Watts, Shawn Pelton, Dave Weckl, Cindy Blackman, and Terri Lynn Carrington.The Coated AMBASSADOR is also known as the Timbale drumhead. Karl Perazzo, Sheila E., Tiki Pasillas, Danny Reyes, Luis Conte, Arno Lucas, Bobby Allende, Ramon Bonda, and Marc Quinones all rely on Coated AMBASSADORs for their trusted Timbale sounds.As the world's drumhead specialist for over 40 years, Remo, Inc. has developed an incredibly wide variety of drumheads at fit every drumming application. Not only is a full selection of Remo heads availabe to meet the diverse needs of drumset players in country, jazz, rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, latin and every other style, Remo heads also bring advanced technologies and exceptional performance capabilities to the specialized needs to players in the marching, concert and world percussion areas. Indeed, with so many types, weights and sizes available, selecting the ideal head for any drum or situation requires an understanding of the performance levels that each head is designed to achieve
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A versatile, all-purpose drumhead.
A versatile, all-purpose drumhead.
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