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Blues Style. With Guitarist Mat Gurman From Los Angeles, California

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Guitarist Mat Gurman from Los Angeles, California, is a session player with a list of heavyweight credits. He has worked with artists in all styles of music from the Backstreet Boys to Tanya Tucker. Mat is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts and has appeared as a guitarist and vocalist with The Tonight Show Band. He has played on sessions for The Academy Awards, MTV, Comedy Central, Fox, and countless national ads, jingles and television shows.

50 Licks Blues Style DVD Package Mat demonstrates licks for dominant and minor blues progressions, turnarounds, intro licks, ending licks, stop time licks and much more. He will also show you all of the classic techniques used in blues guitar; bends, pull-offs, hammer-ons, slides, slurs, vibrato, muted string raking and more. Each lick is played in context then demonstrated slowly with full explanations on the techniques used and their proper applications.


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