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Audio Technica At2020 Microphone

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Professional-quality performance for any application!
Large-diaphragm condenser mics are often favored for vocal and acoustic instrument performances because they bring warmth and richness to live performance and recording sessions. The AT2020 from Audio-Technica combines the valued characteristics of these condenser mics with an open, airy quality for the most natural representation of your music.

Side-address design captures room ambience
The AT2020’s side-address element is different than most condenser mics because of its open design. The average condenser mic catches your audio source down inside the capsule, which can lead to a pristine, but slightly sterile track. Side address mics preserve the natural ambience of the room, so your tracks are filled with the airy, dynamic quality your ears expect to hear. External processors can inject artificial environmental characteristics back in to your audio source, but with the AT2020 there’s no need. Your tracks will already sound natural, blending into the mix with little effort.

Cardioid pickup pattern
While its side-address design opens up the performance, the AT2020 uses a cardioid pickup pattern for improved aiming control. The condenser element focuses on sources directly to the front, while rejecting unwanted sounds from the sides and to the rear. As a result, you bring ‘the room’ into your recordings, but only the parts you want. This isolation makes it possible to record multiple tracks simultaneously without one track bleeding into the next. In a live situation, you can position the AT2020 for the best pickup of your intended source without worrying about feedback problems from loudspeakers or other microphones. Your audience can focus on the music with no distractions.

High SPL handling
Many musicians shy away from condenser mics because they tend to be more ‘delicate’ than dynamic mics. Audio-Technica makes their mics to be used in the real world, not pampered for fear of damage. The AT2020 is rated at a maximum Sound Pressure Level of 144 dB, so it can accurately reproduce loud instruments and strong vocals with clarity and precision. A jackhammer at a distance of one meter measures approximately 100 dB SPL, so you get an idea of the AT2020’s capabilities.

Wide dynamic range
While ‘maximum loudness’ is important, it is only part of the picture. The AT2020 also has an impressive 124 dB dynamic range. This means it can reproduce the quietest sounds as faithfully as the big booms. For acoustic instruments such as drums, pianos, and guitars, dynamic range is crucial for bringing out all of the expressiveness in a performance. From whisper-quiet vocal parts to thunderous crescendos, you hear all the subtle differences that bring mood, tension, and diversity to your performance. If you have added these elements to your music, it is important for the audience to hear them. The AT2020 will make sure they do.


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