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15 Watt 112 Valve Combo

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Hand crafted tone.

The ARTISAN 15 Guitar Amp – beautiful looks and beautiful tone. Two channels, one based on an EF86 Pentode and the other an ECC83 Triode, touch base on a multitude of legendary vintage and boutique reference tones. The EL84 based power section is switchable between 5W single ended Class A and a more dynamic push-pull 15W Class A configuration, for the ultimate in low power tube amplifier flexibility.

Blackstar’s Artisan Series of hand wired amplifiers represents the absolute highest standard of craftsmanship and boutique tone. With the emphasis on simplicity and sonic purity, every feature has been refined to provide the musician with the widest range of reference vintage tones. The Artisan 15 guitar amp has point-to-point tag board construction, welded steel chassis and finger jointed birch-ply cabinets that are complemented by beautiful vintage red Tolex and etched aluminum panels.
Blackstar Artisan Series 15 15W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Features:

* Class A 15W combo
* Switch for 5W single-ended / 15W push-pull operation
* 2 x EL84 output tubes
* EF86 channel
* ECC83 channel
* Hi and Lo inputs perfect for channel blending
* Impedance selector
* Vintage G12M Celestion speaker.

Blackstar Artisan Series 15 15W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Specifications:

* Mode 1: Channel 1, push-pull, ECC83/15W
* Mode 2: Channel 2, single-ended, EF86/5W
* Mode 3: Channel 1, single-ended, ECC83/5W
* Mode 4: Channel 2, push-pull, EF86/15W
* Mode 5: Channel 1/Channel 2, push-pull, blended EF86/ECC83 15W
* Mode 6: Channel 1/Channel 2, single-ended, blended EF86/ECC83 5W

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