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Valve Distortion Pedal

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Valve Distortion Pedal

* Genuine tube design
* Operates at 300V HT
* Cascaded tube gain stages
* Responds like a tube amp
* Unique enhanced tone controls
* Exclusive Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
* Fully equipped for stage or studio
* Speaker emulated output
* High integrity buffered bypass
* Power supply included
* Silent switching

Blackstar HT Series HT-DIST Tube Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
By allowing infinite adjustment over the characteristics of the HT-DIST pedal s tone control network, the patent-applied-for ISF circuit allows you to effectively design your own tone and find the sound in your head. Add to this the dynamics of the high voltage tube design and a no compromise speaker emulated output and this pedal is a classic amongst modern distortions.Blackstar’s HT Range of tube overdrive pedals features true high voltage (300V) circuitry and are packed with innovations and tone. The revolutionary, patent-applied-for tone shaping feature ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) will redefine the tonal expectations of guitarists.Add to this the no compromise speaker emulated output and you have the most cost effective way of getting real tube tones direct to disk or tape.So whether you re playing live or recording, with the HT Range of guitar pedals you can finally get the sound you want.PURE TUBE DISTORTION The HT-DIST distortion pedal has a high voltage tube design for true tube dynamics and feel. Two cascaded ECC83 triode stages for gain from warm boost to screaming lead. Enhanced tone network for massive tonal flexibility with traditional passive network musicality. Patent-Applied-For ISF control allows access to infinite new sounds. Emulated output is a new benchmark design for pro direct recording sounds. High integrity bypass for silent switching and driving long cables.

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