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The Boss GT-Pro Effects Processor is an incredibly powerful rack processor. It boasts dual COSM processor effect engines and an I/O section that includes XLR outs, three sets of send/returns, and a USB port for data exchange and audio flow. Its dual COSM amp-modeling engine allows you to construct towering tones by combining any two of the 46 amp models-then layer, switch, or pan between them as you play. Amp channels and effects can even be controlled according to how hard you play. The Solo switch gives you instant access to a companion lead tone.

As the top of GT line, the GT-Pro provides 44 effects categories with 200 preset- and 140 user-patch locations. Choose from compressors, overdrives, delays, reverbs, choruses, EQs, wahs, and dozens of other BOSS-quality effects-including a sitar and acoustic guitar emulator. The GT-Pro also has ultraflexible effects routing. Internally, the 13 effects blocks can be configured in any order you desire; externally, a trio of stereo effects loops plus an array of assignable outputs enable the most flexible signal-routing configurations.
Boss GT-Pro Guitar Multi Effects Processor Features:

* Dual COSM amp section with Solo Mode for instant tone boost
* 3 stereo effect loops
* Huge array of outputs, including digital
* Built-in USB-audio interface
* Editor/librarian software


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