Cts 250k ohm audio taper pot


CTS 250k OHM Audio Taper Pot

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These are the highest grade pots available from CTS. Unlike most standard CTS pots that have pot metal threaded bushings and aluminium shafts, our CTS pots are custom made with solid brass shafts and brass threaded bushings that provide a super smooth feel with low noise operation and superior durability. Specifically designed for top performance in guitar volume and tone circuits. CTS 250K Audio Taper Professional Guitar Pot:
•Low capacitance heavy duty carbon resistive element provides noise-free audio and a long life.
•Tight tolerance of +10%/-10% prevents tone loss from load mismatches and low pot values. (Standard pot values can vary by +/-20%!)
•Solid brass shaft provides a smooth feel, noise free operation and longer service life than aluminium shafts.
•Fine spline (USA) shaft for use as a direct upgrade/replacement in most American guitars.
•Includes friction washer, top washer & mounting nut.


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