Daddario banjo irish tenor 4 string


Daddario Banjo Set Ir Tuning .012

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D’Addario Banjo Irish Tenor Nickel, .012 – .036, J63i,One set of Four Strings

“D’Addario’s banjo sets are available in light and medium gauges, with a nickel-plated wound 4th string. Our bluegrass set is offered with a phosphor bronze-wound 4th string for extra brilliance and sustain. A complete range of mandolin-family strings is available, as well as various string lines for dulcimer, ukulele, tenor guitar, country fiddle, cuatro, oud, and bouzouki. D’Addario prides itself on offering quality strings for every popular stringed instrument available. Unfortunately, economic reasons and a lack of technical information prevent us from carrying stock sets for certain obscure or special instruments. Custom designed and manufactured strings can be made for a reasonable cost, presuming accurate specifications about the instrument can be provided.”


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