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Over Drive Pre Amp – Studio-Quality Optical Compression With Real Tube Stages

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Studio-quality optical compression with real tube stages for precise control over clipping dynamics.

The Clarity control knob on the Damage Control Liquid Blues Dual Tube Overdrive Pedal enhances articulation even when higher gain setting are used. From clean compressed boost to sustained bluesy overdrive, the Liquid blues delivers musical, transparent tone. Level, Drive, Opto Comp, Clarity, and Treble controls plus engage and boost buttons give you a full slate of tone-shaping options. Dual 12AX7 tubes biased at 250V internally, with switchable Nuclear gain boost, aluminum die-cast chassis, remote switching, true bypass, and comprehensive LED indicators. Use it in front of an amp to add an additional hot-rodded amp channel!

Damage Control Liquid Blues Dual Tube Overdrive Pedal Features:

* Level knob
* Drive knob
* Opto Comp knob
* Clarity knob
* Treble knob
* Engage foot button
* Nuclear gain boost button
* Dual 12AX7 tubes
* Aluminum die-cast chassis
* Remote switching
* True bypass
* LED indicators
* Regulated Voltage Switching Power Supply with High Voltage
* Output for True
* Amp level Tube Biasing @ 250 Volts
* Dual 12AX7s
* 2 Modes Conventional and switchable 20dB Nuclear Boost
* Remote Switching (receives relay change info)
* Clarity feature allows you to blend pre gain control with the
post gain signal for incredible clarity even at extreme gain

Damage Control Liquid Blues Dual Tube Overdrive Pedal Includes:

* adaptor


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