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Time Line Delay Preamp – The World’S Finest And Most Versatile Delay Product.

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The TimeLine Multi-Dimesional Delay is the world’s finest and most versatile delay product. 96KHz processing buffered by dual 12AX7’s produces un-compromised signal quality of the processed sound, while the analog dry path ensures transparency. From vibrato, phasing, flanging and chorus, to slap-back, long echoes, multi-head and reverse, the TimeLine’s continuous controls let you create your sound simply by turning knobs. The user presets, tap tempo, strum tempo, 2-track looping, and MIDI implementation make sure the TimeLine delivers in any performance or studio application.

– Eight continuously variable controls: Time, Feedback, Mix, Mod Speed, Mod Depth, Drive, Filter and Smear
– 96KHz processing
– Two track 20 second Looper
– Analog dry path
– Analog bypass
– Extended control with MIDI functionality
– True stereo operation
– Tap tempo and strum tempo delay time
– Eight presets (virtually unlimited through MIDI)
– Comprehensive LED indicators
– Amluminum Die-Cast chassis
– Power supply included
– Dual 12AX7 tubes biased at 250V internally


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