Dunlop chrome knuckle slide


Dunlop Chrome Knuckle Slide – Medium Wall 1.5Mm, 19Mm Inside Diameter,28Mm Length, Fits Ring Size 9

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Chrome steel slides are perfect for creating the bright, metallic tones preferred by electric guitarists. While sliding, they produce percussive sounds and overtones on the strings that add a desirable ambience to slide playing. Chromed steel slides are most popular for rock metal and blues styles on electric guitar. Acoustic guitarists also favor them to add unmistakable slide ambience to their tone.

The Dunlop 221 Medium Knuckle Chromed Steel Slide is made with a medium wall thickness tor brightness and maximum versatility. This slide is perfect for use on 1 or 2 strings while the other strings are fretted.


* Medium wall 1.5mm
* 19mm inside diameter
* 28mm length
* Fits ring size 9


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