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Dunlop Mxr Auto Q – Power: Single 9 Volt Battery Or Dunlop Ecb-003 Ac Adapter

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MXR has re-defined what an auto-wah can do to funkify your sound!

The MXR Auto Q triggers at any playing level, not just on your loudest notes. The Auto Q’s effects are amplitude independent, so you get exactly the same effects at high volume or low. Come out front with your solo then drop back for a rhythm fill – your tone mods stay constant throughout. It’s all under your control too. The RANGE knob selects how low the automatic wah will reach. The Q control, already famous on the Crybaby Wah pedal series, controls the effect’s intensity by providing a sharp frequency peak or a broader, more subtle peak. VOLUME goes to 11, natch, or anyplace below. The BAND switch selects the frequency ceiling where the effect will dominate, LO, MID or HI. MXR has also added a whole new flavour to the Auto Q with the RATE control. RATE dials in variable shimmer that operates independently of the automatic wah section. And the BLEND rotary selects which effect has more prominence – automatic wah (turn left) or variable shimmer (turn right). Straight up and you’ve got equal doses of both! Finally, there’s DECAY – in automatic wah, it simply controls effect dropoff. But when BLEND is set for some shimmer, DECAY controls the transition from one effect to the other. Start your note with automatic wah, and finish it off with a shimmering flourish.

Power: Single 9 volt battery or Dunlop ECB-003 AC adapter

Controls: Footswitch toggles Effect On/Bypass (red LED indicates on); Range knob controls frequency floor of effect; The Q knob adjusts the intensity of the wah effect; The Volume controls overall effect output level (inactive in Bypass mode); Decay knob controls the drop-off of the wah effect (with Blend knob off) or transition between wah and shimmer (with Blend dialed up); Blend knob controls the mix between auto-wah and shimmer; Rate knob controls the speed of the shimmer effect; Band switch selects favored frequency range of effect.

5″ x 3-3/4″ x 1-1/2″ Black


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