Dunlop mxr stereo tremolo


Dunlop Mxr Stereo Tremolo – Pedalboard-Friendly Size, 18-Volt Operation, Versatile Input/Output Options

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Analog pedal with time-tested tone in a more compact package.

With its warm analog circuitry and lush tremolo sound, the Dunlop TS-1 set the standard for tremolo pedals for over a decade. The MXR M159 Tremolo Pedal keeps all the effects and controls of the original-but in a smaller, pedalboard-friendly size. Its 18-volt operation provides rich and vibrant sound with low noise due to its high headroom. With the versatile input/output options the M159 guitar pedal can produce hypnotic, pulsing mono tremolo through a single amp or ping-ponged from one amp to another in stereo mode for a huge, spacious tone.
MXR M159 Stereo Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

* Pedalboard-friendly size
* 18-volt operation
* Versatile input/output options


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