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Electro Harmonix Delay/Echo

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Digital delay with good ol’ EHX analog tone.

* Up to two seconds of delay
* Blend control
* Delay Time control
* Feedback control
* On/off footswitch
* LED indicator
* 1/4″ input and output jacks
* Buffer bypass

Electro-Harmonix XO #1 Echo Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
The #1 Echo is part of the Electro-Harmonix line of Micro (xo) guitar effect pedals, with a small die-cast housing. But that doesn’t stop it from producing some of the finest digital echo available, with a full two seconds(!) of maximum delay time. Echo/delay effect is controlled by feedback and delay time knobs. A blend control lets you adjust the amount of delay in your signal to make sure the Micro #1 sits exactly where you want it in any track or performance.

A rugged footswitch selects whether the #1 Echo pedal is engaged or bypassed, indicated by an LED. When in Bypass mode, the output jack is connected to the input jack through a buffer. Standard 1/4″ instrument I/O jacks. The barrel connector is for a 9-volt battery eliminator capable of delivering 100 mA of current. The inner ring of the 9-volt battery eliminator must be negative, the outer ring positive. The unit’s battery may be left in or taken out when the eliminator is in use.


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