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Envelope Filter – World’S Smallest Envelope Filter Pedal For Guitar And Bass

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The Electro Harmonix Nano Doctor Q is quite possibly the world’s smallest envelope filter pedal for guitar and bass. The Micro Dr Q features a range knob for setting the range of the frequency sweep and a Bass switch for allowing more low end through the filter. Simple and funky is what it’s all about. The rest of the pedal’s response is determined by your dynamics. The harder you play, the deeper the Doctor Q sweeps. Flip the Bass switch and plug in the 4 string for some outer space Bootsy rich tone. The Electro Harmonix Nano Doctor Q Envelope Filter is simple but powerfully funky.
Electro Harmonix Nano Doctor Q Envelope Filter Features:

* True Bypass
* One Knob Range Control
* Selectable Bass Boost
* Touch Sensitive Depth


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