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ELIXIR #15156: Acoustic Nanoweb 0.056 Single Strings (10 Pack)

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Formerly found exclusively in our electric sets, Anti-Rust plated plain steel strings are now available for our acoustic sets as well. This technology extends the life of plain steel strings by 3-5 times. The breakthrough plating process works to prevent rust and corrosion to give you fresh feel and tone every time you pick up your guitar.Elixir© Strings revolutionized guitar strings by finding a way to extend the life of wound stings without compromising tone. Our Anti-Rust plated plain steels complete the long-life set. Now, acoustic guitarists can enjoy the same advantages as electric guitarists a lifespan three to five times longer than ordinary guitar strings and lasting tone throughout the entire set.The Choice is YoursElixir© Strings are available in two different ‘flavors’. Both feature the same patented protection and deliver the same extended life, but differ in tone and feel. Elixir© Strings with ultra thin NANOWEB© coating * Have the bright tone and punch of non-coated strings * Feel like traditional stringsElixir© Strings with original POLYWEB© coating * Have a balanced tone and smooth response * Feel comfortably smooth and reduce finger squeakWhat’s the difference between NANOWEB© and POLYWEB© coatings The difference between our coating flavors is found in the tone and feel of the strings. NANOWEB© coated strings sound and feel like uncoated strings they are bright and lively, and the coating is so micro thin that you can barely tell it s there.POLYWEB© coated strings have a balanced tone and smooth response they sound like strings that have been played in . In addition, POLYWEB© coated strings feel comfortably smooth and help reduce finger squeak. Please Note: Price is for a pack of 10


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