Fender jazz bass scratchplate 3-ply pearl


Guitar Replacement Pickguard. Made By Fender®. (Mc.099-2170-000)

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One of the really nice things about Fender® instruments is that you can change the look of your instrument with relative ease.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to replace the pickguard! Fender offers a variety of pickguards in different colors and materials to help you add a personal touch to your favorite Fender instrument.

This 4-ply, 10-hole pickguard is similar to the ’62 J Bass® minus the 4 extra holes for pickup cover, thumbrest and the 11th mounting screw, above the rhythm pickup.


* ’62 American Vintage, American Series, and American Standard
Jazz Basses (USA).
* Standard, and Deluxe Series Jazz Basses (Mexico).
* Will not fit 5-String Jazz Basses


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