Fender pro junior


Small In Size, Big In Sweet Tube Tone.

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The Fender Pro Junior Combo Amp is a small all-tube amp in the classic tradition of the model “600” and Champ. It’s simple yet very effective. Delivers 15W through a 10″ speaker. Features all-tube circuitry, unique clean-to-drive volume control, black covering, and chicken head knobs.

Get an optional, genuine Fender amp cover to protect your investment. (See accessory box on this page.)

Fender Pro Junior Combo Amp Features:

* 15W of power
* 10″ speaker
* All-tube circuitry
* Unique clean-to-drive volume control
* Black covering
* Chicken head knobs

Order today and get that funky, old-time rock ‘n’ roll tone.


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