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Classic Strat Performance Without The Noise! Souped-Up, Fireball Feel And Authentic Tone In A Noise-Free Design

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Fender SCN Stratocaster Pickup Set – 3 Samarium Cobalt Noiseless (SCN) pickups, noise free, original Stratocaster sound. Colour: White

Stick a set of these babies under your Strat’s hood and take that checkered flag! Fender Mod Shop SCN pickups deliver souped-up fireball feel and time-honored Fender tone heritage with a noise-free design that’ll let you guitar purr like a kitten or howl like a banshee.

With the special design combination of traditional magnets and new Samarian Cobalt magnetic material, the illustrious spank-and-clank Strat sound roars forth from these pickups with eight-cylinder dynamic and magnetic response that actually dusted most of our coveted Kennedy-era test pickups.

Standard equipment in our American Deluxe Strats. Enjoy a set today.


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