Fishman powerjack endpin preamp


Powerjack Endpin Jack Preamp – For Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro

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* Works with Any Passive Pickup
* Fits Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro, etc.
* Includes Installation Kit, Battery Holder, Wire Clips, and Instructions
* Fishman Part #PRO-PJA-001

The Fishman PowerJackĆ½ is a miniature onboard preamp built into an elongated endpin jack. The PowerJack will upgrade your passive pickup (not included) to active status. Use with any passive pickup from Fishman or other vendors. This pickup will get 12,000+ hour battery life from a single 9-volt battery (not included). Preamp turns on automatically when the instrument cable is plugged into the jack, and turns off when the cable is removed, to save battery power.

Increased Output – Adding a preamp to a passive pickup will dramatically increase the output of that pickup. Pickups with preamps have more headroom, lower noise, and wider frequency response than passive pickups. A pickup with an active preamp will allow the amp to run at a much lower volume, which will avoid overdriving the amp. This results in less background noise and less distortion.

Wider Frequency Response – Pre-amplifying the signal also provides a wider frequency response, as a passive pickup will tend to subdue frequencies in the extreme low and high ends of the frequency range. This will make the passive pickup sound ‘midrangey’, or somewhat nasal. Adding a preamp will extend the frequency range on both the low and high ends, resulting in deeper bass response and clear, sparkling highs.

Easy to Install – Replaces your existing endpin jack, all necessary parts and hardware are included. A pre-wired battery holder, wire clips and instructions are included. Requires soldering for the two leads coming from the pickup. If installing in an instrument that does not have an existing endpin jack, a 1/2″ hole is required to mount the Powerjack.


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