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Guitar Pick Triangular Shape. Lowest Priced Hologram Coin We’Ve Ever Offered. Lowest Priced Non-Round Canadian Coin We’Ve Ever Offered, Too!. Coin Is In The Shape Of A Guitar Pick, And The Obverse Replicates The Sound Hole, Strings And Pick Guard Of The Six String Nation Guitar! Low Mintage. Interrupted Serrations On Edge.Extremely Affordable! The Truly One-Of-A-Kind Six String Nation Guitar! Aptly Nicknamed Voyageur, The Guitar Spans The Many Cultures, Communities And Characters That Comprise Canada. This Coin Is Perfect For Anyone Who Plays, Loves Or Appreciates Music, As Well As Hologram And Unusually-Shaped Coin Collectors!

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Triangular shape. Lowest priced hologram coin we’ve ever offered. Lowest priced non-round Canadian coin we’ve ever offered, too!. Coin is in the shape of a guitar pick, and The obverse replicates the sound hole, strings and pick guard of the Six String Nation Guitar! Low mintage. Interrupted serrations on edge.Extremely affordable!

This triangular coin, shaped like a guitar pick, features the Mint’s patented hologram technology!

The coin is protected in an elaborate, full-color, bilingual presentation folder that describes the story of the guitar as well as the various materials used.


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