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Haynes Gibson Les Paul Manual (Hardback) Gtr

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Paul Balmer has played and taught Guitar for forty years. His background includes broadcasting, video/DVD production and authorship of several books. Besides Haynes’s Fender Stratocaster Manual, he has written the acclaimed official biography of Stephane Grappelli, the jazz Violinist published by Omnibus Press.

Introduced in 1952, the Gibson Les Paul has become the world’s second most popular electric Guitar, favoured by legendary Guitarists such as Joe Perry, Jimmy Page, Slash, Peter Frampton and Zakk Wylde. Designed by the great musician and innovator, Les Paul, with help from Gibson craftsmen, this Guitar has constantly evolved and in 2007 an all digital model was launched. Today, while original models change hands for thousands of pounds, almost identical Epiphone and Gibson models are mass-produced for sale worldwide. The Gibson Les Paul remains a classic instrument and, with the help of this practical ‘how to’ manual, will last a lifetime.


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