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Folding Desk Music Stand

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Folding Desk Music Stand

Portable, durable stand puts your music at just the right angle!

* Folding Desk
* EZ Angle Roller
* Quik-N-EZ Retainer
* Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip
* Tilting Base and Swivel Legs
* Desk size: 18.9″ x 13.6″ (480 x 345mm)
* Height: 31.9″-47.2″ (810-1200mm )
* Weight: 8.36 lbs. (3.8kg)

Hercules Stands BS401B Music Stand Solid Desk
The Hercules BS401B Music Stand features a folding desk made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum. Fold down the upper desk and the side locking pin holds it firmly closed for secure carrying. Press the pin to open the desk and lock it in position with the clip on back. The EZ Angle Roller has a special rubber grip that holds the desk at the perfect angle while also being instantly adjustable. Push the Quik-N-EZ Retainer up or down for instant desk mounting or dismounting onto a stand. Also features a Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip, which makes one-handed adjustments a breeze with an internal locking mechanism to prevent slipping. Simply grab the EZ grip and adjust the stand up or down. The base can be angled 90°-75° for comfortable positioning. The Swivel Legs fit around other equipment, perfect for crowded stages. To pack away, simply pull up the locking ring to release.

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