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Gio Series Rg Electric

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Gio Series RG Electric

For two decades, the RG has reigned as the unquestioned monarch of metal guitars. Why Because the RG has the perfect combination of fast, flat necks, the right pickups and pickup placement, and precision trem systems to mete out creative destruction. And because the RG has evolved and expanded along with the metal genre it was designed for. Which is why the 2007 RG line offers a vast selection that dwarfs any thing else remotely comparable.

# neck type GRG1 neck
# body Basswood body
# fret Medium frets
# bridge Fat 10 bridge
# neck pu PSND1 (H) neck pu
# middle pu PSNDS (S) mid pu
# bridge pu PSND2 (H) bridge pu

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