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Joe Satriani Signature Series Electric

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Joe Satriani Signature Series Electric

The Master of Tone designed and plays his signature JS models. That almost says it all. Because if you know how exacting Joe is in getting the best tones in the business, then by definition his signature models have to be great guitars. If that doesn’t convince you, then you can see from the spec lists here some of the serious cutting edge features that make these great guitars.
But ultimately, you’ve got to personally experience these guitars to really know just how great. That’s when you’ll find that these guitars were designed to be like Joe Satriani himself—capable of other worldly sonic speed, extraordinary musicality and TONE, TONE and more TONE. Ultra-modern guitars with a vintage feel. Lightweight, aerofoil-shaped basswood body provides comfort, upper fret access and expressive, singing tone. Multi-radius Prestige neck (JS1000), an exact digital rendering of the neck on Joe’s favorite axe. Combination of 25 1/2″ neck scale and DiMarzio® or Ibanez Axis pickups allows wide dynamic range and tonal versatility. Coil taps on both pickups for single or humbucking tone (JS1000 / 100). High pass filter maintains highs at low volumes (JS1000).


* American Basswood body
* JS neck
* Jumbo Warmoth #6105 fret
* Lo-Pro Edge bridge
* DiMarzio Paf Pro (H) neck pu
* DiMarzio Fred (H) bridge pu
* Cosmo Black hardware

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