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K & M holder for Ipad 2

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Apple iPads are everywhere and used for everything. With the K&M iPad Stand Holder, you can mount your iPad 2 for use on gigs, in sessions, or just about anywhere else. Take your lyrics or sheet music onstage with you. This holder mounts to either the threaded insert of a mic stand or will clip onto any tube up to 1.18″ in diameter. The iPad Stand Holder easily rotates up to 90 degrees, and the swivel can be set from free to resistant. Take your iPad 2 to the gig with the K&M iPad Stand Holder.

K&M iPad Stand Holder Features at a Glance:
Mounts to mic stand or tubing
Easily mount and use your iPad 2

Take your iPad 2 onstage with the K&M iPad Stand Holder


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