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Korg Rack Mounted Tuner

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Rock-solid tuning with tons of flexibility, including 7-semitone flat tuning and adjustable calibration.

The Korg DR-1000 Rackmount Digital Tuner gives you completely professional tuning in a rugged rackmountable unit that’s at home onstage or in the studio. It provides highly accurate chromatic tuning with auto-detection of note and name display, plus support for 7-semitone flat tuning. Its accuracy comes from a proprietary note recognition circuit that ignores harmonics and focuses solely on the fundamental tone. You can select cents or strobe display plus calibration from 438-455Hz. Accurate to ±1 cent. Front-panel input with mute, plus back-panel I/O and mute.
Korg DTR-1000 Rackmount Digital Tuner Features:

* Locks right onto the root tone
* Automatically detects the note name
* Displays in cents or strobe
* 438-455Hz calibration range
* 12-note equal tempered
* Accurate to ±1 cent
* Front-panel input and mute
* Back-panel input, output, and mute

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