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Korg Rack Mounted Tuner

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Korg Rack Mounted Tuner

The Korg DTR2000BL Rackmounted Tuner. A fast, flexible and extremely accurate tuner in a highly visible, single rackspace.

The Korg DTR2000BL is a smart choice if you’re looking for a totally digital rackmounted tuner. The Korg DTR-2000BL Rackmount Digital Tuner gives you completely professional tuning in a rugged rackmountable unit that’s at home onstage or in the studio. The tuner displays in cents, hertz, or strobe. It features proprietary circuitry that locks right onto the root tone, ignoring harmonics that confuse cheaper tuners. 7-semitone dropped tunings, reference pitches from the sound jack, and built-in mic for acoustic guitar and instrument tuning provide a wealth of professional options. Tuning modes include chromatic, guitar (6- or 7-string), bass, and five types of open tuning. Calibration adjustable from 438-445 Hz, select either manual or auto. Lights up rack equipment mounted below.

The main features of the Korg DTR2000BL include:

* Chromatic, guitar (6- or 7-string), bass, and 5 types of open tuning
* Locks right onto the root tone
* Automatically detects the note name
* Displays in cents, hertz, or strobe
* 438-455Hz calibration range
* Reference pitches from the sound jack
* 12-note equal tempered
* Accurate to +/- 1 cent
* Lights up rack equipment mounted below
* Front panel input and mute
* Back panel input, output, and mute

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