Martin sp phospher bronze strings 10-47


Martin Sp Phosphor Bronze Strings Are Excellent For Daily Use. Deep, Rich Bass Tones And Crisp, Ringing Trebles.

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Martin SP Phosphor Bronze Strings are excellent for daily use. Deep, rich bass tones and crisp, ringing trebles. Phosphor Bronze has a slightly warmer sound than bronze.

EXTRA LIGHT: .010 .014 .023w .030 .039 .047

Any guitar player worth his salt knows the name C.F. Martin. Martin acoustic guitars are widely sought after and so are their guitar strings. The Martin SP series is one of their best. The SP stands for both Sustained Playability and Studio Performance.

SP’s provide a greater string life by resisting corrosion due to acids, sweats, and other grit and grime. Both the plain strings and the core wires of the wound strings are plated with a smooth, acoustic bronze finish which is not only functional but also provides a great cosmetic appeal.

This set is made with phosphor bronze windings, which produces a darker sound than 80/20 bronze.


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