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Dunlop Mxr Dimebag Signature Distortion

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When Dimebag Darrell of Pantera first exploded on the scene, he ushered in a new era of tone and attitude. When it comes to guitar, Dime doesn’t need a ‘warm’ or ‘pretty’ sound. He can’t be bothered with ‘vintage’ this or ’boutique’ that. He wants a heavy, aggressive, razor-sharp tone that can slice through a loud band and a louder crowd. It’s a tone that rages with distortion but remains tight and focused enough to keep up with lightening-fast rhythm lines and face-melting solos.

Finally there’s a pedal that can deliver all that: the The Dime Distortion from MXR. With its 3-band EQ, proprietary Scoop switch, and ungodly output, this stomp box from Hell has the guts and the muscle to stand up to your heaviest displays of power. Crank the gain, boost the lows and highs, and hit the Scoop switch for a rhythm tone that will annihilate. Dial the mids back in and mow down the competition with a lead sound that can penetrate steel. If it still hasn’t gotten heavy enough for you, stick the Dime in front of a distorted amp and experience sustain and sonic mayhem that’s so over the top it should come with a warning label. The Dime Distortionnot subtle, not pretty.

Proprietary Scoop switch notches the mids for deadly metal tones

3-band EQ

Phosphorescent ‘glow in the dark’ control stencil makes performance on dark stages nothing to be afraid of.

Bullet-proof die-cast zinc housing.


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