Neil peart: anotomy of a drum solo


Anatomy Of A Drum Solo’ A Two-Disc Set, Presents Newly-Recorded, In-Studio Footage Of Legendary Neil Peart

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Neil Peart: Anotomy of a Drum Solo

‘Anatomy of a Drum Solo’ a two-disc set, presents newly-recorded, in-studio footage of legendary Neil Peart discussing his approach to soloing. Using a solo recorded in September, 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany as a framework, Neil talks about the concepts and technique behind each segment of this nine-minute tour de force, which is a feature of each Rush performance. ‘Anatomy of a Drum Solo’ also features: Two explorations – completely improvised workouts at the drums, each over thirty-minutes long

A never-before-released solo recorded in Hamburg, Germany in September, 2004

“O Baterista,” Neil’s Grammy┬« Award-nominated solo

Two full-band Rush performances from Frankfurt ’04, all shot from the perspective of the drum cameras BONUS FEATURES: Camera Option-during Neil’s performance of “Der Trommler,” the viewer can choose between the program edit and two, isolated cameras, for different views.

Alternate Edits-during parts of Neil’s analysis of “Der Trommler,” the viewer can choose between the program edit, or an alternate edit with the playing example shown full-screen without Neil’s commentary.

Audio-only tracks, “Momo’s Dance Party” and “Pieces of Eight,” composed and performed by Neil, which can be accessed at various points in the program.

Interview with Paul Northfield, Rush co-producer and engineer, and Lorne Wheaton, Neil’s drum tech Lorne Wheaton setting up and talking about Neil’s drumkit

Two Rush performances from the perspective of the drum cameras Previously unreleased solo from Rush’s 1994 Counterparts tour

Running Time: Three Hours and Twenty Minutes


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