Rane headphone amp 4 channel


Rane Headphone Amp 4 Channel

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Very simple. You and up to three other friends want to listen to the same mix under headphones. Just take the HC 4S, plug in, turn on, adjust your individual volumes, and groove.

The HC 4S provides master stereo Inputs which can be used to drive the four stereo headphone amplifiers. A Mono switch is provided on the front panel to drive both channels of all four amplifiers from a common mono source. Both 1/4″ and 3.5mm jacks are on the front panel for adapter-free enjoyment.

The HC 4S is capable of delivering up to 200 milliwatts into headphones with rated impedances between 32-600 ©. The precise amount of power depends on the exact impedance of the headphone in use and the number of headphones connected to the unit. Under most conditions, the HC 4S produces sound pressure levels in excess of 120 dB. This level is more than adequate for most listeners.

Two balanced Inputs provide a master stereo signal to four stereo headphone amplifiers, with individual stereo Level controls and Overload indicators. The Master Level control allows adjustment of the main stereo Input level for proper matching to any source. In addition, a Stereo/Mono switch converts the stereo Inputs to mono operation when required.
The HC 4S makes a valuable tool for any band wanting to practice anywhere, anytime, at any volume, without disturbing a soul. By connecting the HC 4S directly to the mixer outputs and using headphones instead of amps and speakers, the entire band can perform at ear shattering levels, with no feedback, with amazingly cleaner, clearer sound. The HC 4S is a very cost-effective alternative to renting a practice studio for every rehearsal.

Note: headphones with an impedance of less than 32 ohms are not recommended for use with the HC 6S.


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