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Sennheiser E835 Three pack Micorphones

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The Sennheiser e835 handheld dynamic vocal microphone gives you incredible performance and dependability at an equally incredible price! Able to handle high sound pressure levels in excess of 150dB, the e835 is also very effective at rejecting feedback. Add an advanced internal shockmount design for ultra-low handling noise and rugged construction, and you have an affordable stage mic that’s built to last! Whether you’re setting up a single live mic for a coffeehouse or several onstage in the concert hall, the e835 is a great choice!

At a Glance:
High output
Great feedback rejection
High SPL-handling

High output

If you’re looking for intense output, look no further: the e835 has the hottest output of any cardioid vocal microphone in its price range! It features a 40-16kHz frequency response and high sensitivity.

Great feedback rejection

The e835’s cardioid pickup pattern gives it stellar feedback rejection, which is essential for today’s live applications. In addition, vocalists who prefer to be free of the mic stand will love this mic’s low handling noise (and you’ll love its rugged construction)!

High SPL-handling

Don’t underestimate the value of this mic’s ability to withstand high sound pressure levels – it’s a measure of a stage microphone’s versatility when it can capture everything from a whisper to a scream (as well as loud guitar amps and drums) night after night. The e835 is built to take what the stage dishes out.

Sennheiser e835 Handheld Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Features:
Pattern: cardioid
Amazing SPL handling in excess of 150dB SPL
Outstanding feedback rejection
Frequency response: 40Hz-16kHz
Advanced shockmount reduces handling noise
Rugged construction
Weight: 330g
Includes: pouch and clip
10-year factory warranty
Tech Specs

Microphone Type

Polar Pattern

Frequency Response

Output Impedance
350 ohms



0.73 lbs.

Included Accessories
Mic Clip, Carrying Pouch

Manufacturer Part Number


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