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The epack e 840 S provides all you need for your live performance. Besides the professional evolution vocal microphone e 840 S, the epack includes a high-quality K&M microphone stand, a 5 m XLR cable, a microphone clip and a robust microphone pouch.


The e 840 S has been engineered for the vocalist that needs the vocals to cut through the band. Due to its excellent acoustic properties, the e 840 S delivers a high signal output to cut through high on-stage sound levels with ease. A gentle presence boost to even tonal response ensures vocal clarity and projection.


The e 840 S is a cardioid lead vocal stage microphone with silent ON/OFF switch specially designed to perform under pressure.





    • Microphone


    • Rugged metal body


    • silent ON/OFF switch


    • Exceptional feedback rejection


    • Uniform pick-up pattern


    • Excellent vocal projection


    • Shock-mounted capsule provides excellent suppression of handling noise


    • Good isolation from incidental noise from the rear


    • Humbucking coil


    • Microphone stand


    • Microphone stand with integral boom arm


    • Ideal for on the move: lightweight and easily collapsible


    • Height-adjustable


    • Rugged, powder-coated surface



Delivery Includes



    • 1 vocal microphone e 840 S


    • 1 K&M microphone stand with boom arm


    • 1 XLR cable, 5 m


    • 1 microphone clip


    • 1 microphone carrying case


    • 1 user manual




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