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The HD-280 Pro is a closed-back, circumaural headphone designed for professional-quality monitoring. Its exceptional attenuation of environmental noise (up to 32 dB) makes it particularly useful for use in high-noise environments, in outside broadcasts, and for DJs. Featuring rugged design and optimum sensitivity, the HD-280 Pro will deliver detailed and natural reproduction of music and speech with a wide frequency response of 8 to 25,000 Hz (-10 dB).

Owing to its collapsible ear-pieces, the HD-280 Pro is highly compact when it comes to transportation. And all parts that are subject to wear and tear–such as earpads, headband padding, and the audio cord–are easily replaceable, ensuring long life. The headphone’s 9-foot cord is detachable, so if it wears out you have only to replace the cord, not the headphone itself. The cord is made of oxygen-free copper for pure, long-lasting audio transmission.

Product Description
around-the-ear design with padded earcups * closed earcup design * up to 32dB ambient noise attenuation * headphone minijack with full-size adapter * frequency response: 8-25,000 Hz *


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