Shubb gary swallows lap/dobro bar


Shubb Gary Swallows Lap/Dobro Bar Hardwood Handle,Superior Comfort And Control,Stainless Steel Playing Surface,Amazingly Natural And Relaxed Position Grip,Designed To Deliver Clean Pull-Offs.

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Hardwood Handle,Superior Comfort and Control,Stainless Steel Playing Surface,Amazingly Natural and Relaxed Position Grip,Designed to Deliver Clean Pull-offs.

Designed by dobro guitarist Gary Swallows of Tennessee, with input from many of todays top professionals, this bar represents the most dramatic step yet in the evolution of guitar steels away from the found object. The hardwood handle provides superior comfort and control, while the stainless steel playing surface offers durability and clear tone. In addition to the innovative use of materials, the contoured top of the GS Steel allows the hand to grip the bar in the most amazingly natural and relaxed position. From its edge, designed to deliver the clean pull-offs that todays players love, to the weighted, counterbalanced handle, this bar is about as far from a found object as it could be.


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