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Shure Sm58 Microphone, the most famous microphone in the world for more than 40 years!

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Shure’s most famous microphone!
For more than 40 years, Shure’s SM58 has been the “must have” microphone for musicians, producers, and sound-engineers around the world. No other mic in your mic box can match its legendary reputation for great sound and rugged dependability. With an SM58 on the stage, you can forget about the microphone and concentrate on your performance.

Engineered for great-sounding vocals
The SM58 features specially tuned midrange response for boosted presence in your vocal tracks. While some mics cause vocals to get lost in the mix, the SM58 cuts through the instrumental tracks and positions the singer right out in front. Your music will gain the crisp focus that separates the professionals from the hobbyists.

Special technology for quiet operation
Shure’s unique spherical filter brings smoothness and clarity to both lead- and backing-vocals. Wind and breath sounds are minimized, cutting down on ambient noise that can ruin recorded tracks and possibly damage live sound equipment. A tried-and-true internal shockmount also cleans up your performance by reducing handling noise. Those loud creaks and pops that result from pulling the mic out of its clip or adjusting its position can be completely avoided. Plus, floor vibrations won’t enter the signal stream when the SM58 is mounted on a stand. Clean tracks always sit better in the mix, giving them their own space and texture. You’ll be surprised at what pops out of your performance once the unwanted noise is gone.

Unidirectional pickup
Live sound stages and recording studios both rely on good microphone isolation for quality results. If one audio source bleeds over into another, it’s hard to know what to fix and how to fix it. Fortunately, Shure SM58s have a unidirectional, cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding aiming control. Since sounds outside the pickup pattern are automatically rejected, you can position the mic to only “hear” your intended audio source. In the studio, you’ll have clean, separated tracks for faster editing. On stage, you can be sure your input levels are strong without worrying about feedback. Either way, your project just got a whole lot easier. Shure includes a 180-degree rotating mic clip to help you get perfect mic placement, every time.

Legendary durability
The SM58’s tank-like durability has reached mythic status in the music world. Veteran rockers love to tell the tale of how they hammered the stage together with their SM58, then sang through the whole gig without missing a beat. You’ll be a part of the legend when you grasp the perfectly balanced die-cast metal handle and raise the rigid steel mesh grille up to your lips. It’s hard not to feel the weight of all that music history when you realize your favorite artists hefted that same handle, delivering their lyrics through that same mesh grille.

The drop test
Nostalgic sentiment is nice, but how about some cold, hard evidence The SM58 met and conquered Shure’s famous “drop test,” falling ten times from a height of ten feet with no drop in performance! We all know what happens at the live show. The energy is high, people are jumping around, and your mic stand is bound to get bumped. It’s nice to know you can pick it up, dust it off, and get right back into the moment. Nothing will kill the vibe faster than telling the crowd to hang on a minute while you swap out equipment. With an SM58, you never have to stop!

Affordable quality
Shure knows their audience, and they priced the SM58 accordingly. At this musician-friendly price, you can outfit the whole stage without breaking your tour- or studio-budget. Use the savings to try and find other gear that performs as well as the SM58, if you can


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