Stagg sensa 18 china sizzle


Stagg Sensa 18" China Sizzle Cymbal

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China Cymbals are traditionally manufactured to produce a dark, crisp and explosive tone and the Stagg Sensa 18'' Sizzle China Cymbal is no different. Great for metal and more aggressive genres, the China cymbal is great for emphasising specific beats, adding a distinct depth to your playing. The distinctive sizzle that is created through the addition of extra rivets means even more definition to your playing, as well as a quirky undertone that will give your percussion an edge. The Sensa series embodies an ideal all round comprehensive sound that provides great flexibility and variation of tone.

The sound is characterised through its unique warm, sweet, bright cut tone, whilst maintaining a strong and clear definition. Features

•Diameter: 18"

• Weight: 1.5kg

• Finish: 'Brilliant'


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