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TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper

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Continuing from where Ditto Looper left off, TC Electronic Ditto X2 still features everything guitarists loved about the original. Maintaining the simple design, true-bypass, analog dry-through and 5 minutes of looping time, but adding new features, Ditto X2 is the natural evolution of the loop pedal

New Features

The carefully-selected handful of features on the Ditto X2 are designed specifically to take your looping to the next level. The TC Electronic Ditto X2 contains effects especially for looping such as being able to play loops in reverse, at half-speed or both at the same time!

Stop the loop exactly when you want to during a performance with the dedicated stop footswitch. Tailor your sound to suit you with the import/export function for loops and backing tracks. Work with your loops in a DAW of your choice, a huge advantage for gigging musicians!

The Ultimate Jamming Tool

Loopers can be your rhythm guitar player that never gets tired, and to make practicing even more inspiring, TC Electronic have added JamTrackCentral to give you a package of some of the best backing tracks available. Expertly rexcorded, the track feature solos by top guitarists and are completely free with the Ditto X2.

True to Tone

TC Electronic’s design philosophy revolves around tone. With optimised headrooom and True Bypass, Ditto X2 guarantees optimal tonal integrity, you won’t lose any tone whatever sonic route you want to go down. Whether Ditto X2 is on or off, your dry sound is always passed though unharmed, in all of its pure analog glory, thanks to the Analog Dry Through.

Features / Specifications
•True Bypass
•Analogue Dry Through
•5 minutes of looping time
•Undo/Redo function
•Unlimited overdubs
•Audiophile approved 24-bit uncompressed high quality audio
•Dedicated Stop/Clear footswitch
•Loop FX (Reverse and 1/2 speed)
•Import/Export loops from PC/Mac
•Backing Track – perfect for solo practice and live performance
•Stereo In/


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