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The Acoustic Guitar Bible Gtr – Book And 2 Cds, Language:English Arrangement:Guitar (Gtr)

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THE ACOUSTIC GUITAR BIBLE GTR- Book and 2 CDs, Language:English
Arrangement:Guitar (GTR)

The most complete and comprehensive guide to the acoustic guitar to date. This huge volume, with 2 CDs featuring 158 audio examples, covers absolutely everything you will need to know to approach, master and enjoy the acoustic guitar to its full potential…

* How to care for your instrument
* Different approaches to tuning
* Effective practicing and getting the best from your hands
* Tons of full pieces in a great variety of styles
* A guide to musical theory and composing, specifically written for the guitarist
* Extended chords, harmony, modal soloing and unusual improvisation
* Self-accompaniment and building exciting rhythm parts
* Loads of advanced techniques and effects such as raked harmonics and tapping
* A guide to the use of different pickups and their properties
* Caring for your instrument in transit, and all aspects of gigging – from equipment behaviour to etiquette.
Seriously detailed and fully comprehensive – if this book doesn’t cover it, it simply isn’t worth knowing!


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