Thomas lang creative coordination and advanced foot technique (book)


Thomas Lang Creative Coordination And Advanced Foot Technique (Book) Hl06620106

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Hudson Music is proud to present Thomas Lang: Creative Coordination & Advanced Foot Technique, the ultimate guide to the challenging and awe-inspiring world of advanced cutting-edge 21st-century drumming techniques! Designed to be used as either a standalone product or in combination with the Hudson Music DVD of the same name, this book details Thomas Lang s extraordinary methodology that will help you take your own creative and technical abilities on the instrument to heights you never dreamed were possible, and in a much shorter time than you ever imagined. Actually two books in one, throughout Part I Thomas details his methods and provides you with well over 100 challenging exercises created to allow you to practice technique, endurance, accuracy, timing, independence, coordination, mechanics, and stamina all at the same time and with all four limbs! Part II of the book contains applied musical examples that showcase many of the techniques and ideas presented in Part I. Included are play-along rhythm charts for seven of Thomas original compositions, which were specially re-mixed without drums exclusively for this book, and are included on the enclosed audio CD. In additional to the charts, Thomas has written extensive performance notes for each song, in which he describes in detail how the pieces are constructed and his own thought process in creating his drum parts for these songs. So take a deep breath, and come along with us for one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding experiences of your musical career!


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