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With the all-new V-Guitar pedals, guitarists can now enjoy the immense benefits of Roland’s GK processing’the powerful technology behind the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer and VG-99 V-Guitar System’right on their pedalboards.

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With the all-new V-Guitar
guitarists can now enjoy the immense benefits of <span
style=”font-weight: bold;”>Roland s GK processing the
powerful technology behind the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer and VG-99
V-Guitar System right on their pedalboards. The GR-S V-Guitar Space
features independent processing for each guitar string, giving you four
amazing tones that transport your axe to a new dimension of sound,
including Crystal, Rich Modulation, Slow Pad, and the multi-string
emulation of Brilliant Clean. Housed in the popular Twin Pedal format
and equipped with connections for easy integration with amps, stomps,
multi-effects, and other V-Guitar devices, the GR-S delivers
out-of-this-world sounds that can only be achieved with GK processing.

  • Roland s powerful V-Guitar technology in a Twin Pedal

  • Super-spacious tones and multi-string emulation only
    possible with GK processing

  • Crystal, Rich Modulation, Slow Pad, and Brilliant Clean
    sounds, with real-time DSP for latency-free performance

  • Ultra-responsive COLOR and TONE knobs for sound shaping

  • Expressive Freeze function holds the current sound for lead
    backing and sound FX

  • 13-pin GK input; designed for use with the GC-1 GK-Ready
    Stratocaster, GK-3 Divided Pickup, and all GK-equipped guitars

  • Flexible connections for easy integration with amps,
    pedals, and multi-effects

  • Four user memories, with remote selection from GK-equipped

Welcome to the Family

The GR-S V-Guitar Space joins Roland s acclaimed V-Guitar family, which
also includes the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer and VG-99 V-Guitar System.
The convenient stompbox format of the GR-S allows players with
traditional setups to experience the incredible sound potential
available with GK processing. When used with an optional US-20 Unit
Selector, the GR-S also gives current GR and VG users new sounds for
their existing rig.

Unlock All-New Sounds
with GK Processing

The GR-S features a 13-pin input for use with a guitar outfitted with a
Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup or a GK-equipped instrument such as the GC-1
GK-Ready Stratocaster. Unlike standard monophonic guitar pickups, the
Roland GK pickup senses and isolates each individual string, sending
them as six discrete signals to a 13-pin jack. When connected to a GK
device like the GR-S pedal, each string can be processed individually,
opening up a universe of sound possibilities that are impossible with a
normal 1/4-inch guitar output.

Amazing Tones to Expand
Your Sound Palette

With the GR-S, you have four incredible tones that launch your guitar
into an entirely new sound space. Crystal delivers shimmering,
transparent sounds and icy bell textures, while Rich Modulation
provides an incredibly spacious multi-channel chorus sound powered by
independent GK string processing. Slow Pad offers a warm synth-pad
sound with variable attack for dreamy full-chord swells that are
impossible with a mono input. And with Brilliant Clean, you can add
virtual strings to your axe, adjustable from 12 to 18 strings with the
COLOR knob!

Tweak, Store, and Freeze
Your Sounds

Like a normal stompbox, the GR-S features simple controls that are
quick and intuitive to use, but behind their simplicity is an enormous
range of sound-shaping potential. When you turn the COLOR and TONE
knobs, you re actually tweaking multiple under-the-hood parameters
specifically tailored to each sound type, so you can achieve
substantial tonal shifts even with small changes. Four memory locations
let you store your favorite sounds, with quick recall via the control
switches on your GK-equipped guitar. A Freeze function, accessible with
one of the pedal s two footswitches, lets you hold sounds indefinitely
for lead backing and expressive effects.

Easy Integration with Any

The GR-S offers a multitude of connections for integrating with
different rigs, including pedalboards, multi-effects setups, racks,
mixers, and other V-Guitar devices. A dual MIX/GUITAR INPUT allows you
to connect devices and blend them with the GR-S sound, with the
combined mix sent to the pedal s mono/stereo output. The 13-pin GK
output carries the guitar s normal pickup signal as well, and controls
on the GK-equipped guitar allow you to blend the GK and normal sounds
right from your instrument. A dedicated GUITAR OUTPUT jack on the GR-S
lets you connect the normal guitar sound directly to an amp or effects
with no GK processing applied. It can also be used in conjunction with
the MIX/GUITAR INPUT to create a send/return loop for your normal
effects chain.


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