Vox ac15 handwired heritage head


VOX AC15 HANDWIRED HERITAGE HEAD – It’s with a huge amount of pride that we’re now able to lift the veil on the ultra-desirable AC15 Heritage Head & Cab, launched in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of VOX guitar amplifiers

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It’s with a huge amount of pride that we’re now able to lift the veil on the ultra-desirable AC15 Heritage Head & Cab, launched in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of VOX guitar amplifiers. In this new model we have loaded the exceptional tonal capability of the VOX Heritage amps into a package that in aesthetic terms, is literally off-the-scale.

Who, in all honesty, wouldn’t love to have one of these beauties adorning their studio, stage set-up or living room, come to that.

But make no mistake, this is no dizzy blonde. Inside that pretty head is a hand-wired masterpiece of tone generation. It will transport you through the golden age of VOX tone, combining the prized EF86 preamp channel of 1958 with the 1963 Top Boost channel all in one amplifier. With its modern tone-shaping control enhancements, you’ve got one of the finest VOX amplifiers in the company’s 50 year history. And when teamed with its single 12” Celestion Alnico ‘Blue’ equipped speaker cab, you have a combination capable of producing guitar tone guaranteed to give you goose bumps.

The EF86: The magical VOX tone. But what is it that makes EF86 based VOX amplifiers some of the most collectible in the world Maybe it’s the way the amp naturally overdrives, almost breathing with a life of its own. Perhaps it’s the transparency of tone that flatters a premium quality guitar, or the way it dynamically responds to the subtlety of your picking. Or maybe it’s the raw power of the creamy distortion as you crank the amp all the way up. Whatever it is, there is an undeniable magic about this period of VOX amplification – an age when the most simple of circuits produced some of the most complex and musical of tones. Now in short supply, the EF86 Pentode tube is at the heart of this elusive tone. Fifty years later, the magic returns.

The AC15H Head: A detailed look.

The 15-watt AC15 Hand-wired head features two channels of unmistakable VOX tone.

Channel 1 is the EF86 Preamp channel, and features two inputs wired in the traditional way providing a 6dB gain difference between them. A two-position BASS SHIFT switch is included, with position 1 voiced to the original vintage-correct bass response and position 2 voiced to tighten the bass response and reduce any muddiness during high volume use. The three-position BRILLIANCE SWITCH provides flat response when in the OFF position. Position 1 is a new position voiced like the early AC30 “Treble” amps, while position 2 is the original brilliance circuit, which acts as a dramatic bass cut. The EF86 Mode switch re-configures the EF86 valve from Pentode mode to Triode mode. Triode mode will give a lower gain tone with higher headroom. Pentode mode is the famed original mode and has a very sweet high gain tone with less headroom.

Channel 2 is the Top Boost Preamp channel. Like Channel 1, this channel includes two inputs wired with a 6dB gain difference between them. The Treble and Bass controls are from the 1963 Top Boost circuit and are extremely interactive. Very minor adjustments of these controls can yield dramatic changes in tone colour. And true to VOX form is the Top Cut control, which cuts high from either channel end as it’s turned up.

Flexible power. The O/P Switch adds even more flexibility to the AC15. This switch changes the power output valves from Pentode Mode, which is the normal operating mode of the power amplifier, to Triode Mode which halves the power output to 7.5 watts and at the same time offering smoother tonal characteristics.

The finishing touches. Great care and research went into the cosmetics for this special amplifier which perfectly blends authentic vintage styling with contemporary attributes. These touches include vintage “TV Front” cabinetry, pre-1960 logo placement, and vintage-inspired cream vinyl covering.


* Dimensions Head Height 22.5cm, Width 53cm, Depth 26.5cm
* Weight Head 14.3 kgs / 31.52 lbs

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