Vox custom classic ac30cch 30w tube guitar amp head


Vox Custom Classic Ac30Cch 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head

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The first full-production AC30 head since 1967.

Except for a limited run of AC30HWs, this one hasn’t been around since the days of the Fab Four. 2 blendable channels feature fully variable tremolo with footswitchability, a custom EQ switch on the Top Boost channel, and Brilliant switch on the Normal channel. Spring reverb with dwell switch and effects loop with full bypass and level control.
Vox Custom Classic AC30CCH 30w Tube Guitar Amp Head Features:

* 30W all tube
* Custom/normal EQ switch on Top Boost channel
* Normal channel with Brilliant switch
* Blendable Normal & Top Boost channels
* Spring reverb with Dwell switch and tone control
* Fully variable tremolo on all channels
* Post-phase-inverter master volume
* True bypass variable-level effects loop
* Switchable cathode bias
* Switchable smoothing filter values
* Footswitch for tremolo and reverb
* Baltic birch ply cabinet
* Vintage-style transformers
* Tone Cut control
* Dual footswitch for reverb and tremolo

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