Wincent dual mallet/stick


Ideal for quick changes between cymbal swells and stick playing

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Wincent make high quality percussion and drum sticks and the “Dual-stick” model uses different drum-tip configurations at each end of the stick. With the Dualstick design you have a traditional teardrop tip at one end whilst at the other end deploys a mallet style soft-head beater. The Dualstick is made using Hickory and has a soft percussive feel

The Dualstick is perfect for quick changes between cymbal swells and stick playing. The felt ball is very soft and does not create tap- sound when a smooth cymbal swell is needed.


Wincent Dualstick model
Crafted from Hickory
Tear-drop & Mallet options at each end
Soft feel
Perfect for drummers who wish to switch between mallets & sticks


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