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Part of the essential set of tools required for any professional live sound situation

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Proel DB1A Single Channel Active DI Box


Single channel active D.I. Box with isolation transformer


D.I. Boxes (Direct Injection Boxes) are part of the essential set of tools required for any professional live sound situation or any application where the audio devices feature different levels, impedance and connections. Transforming audio signals from unbalanced to balanced, D.I. Boxes reduce the possibility of electrical disturbances on the line – especially over long cable runs such as from a musical instrument to the FoH mixing console.

The DB series includes three diff erent models of high-performance D.I. boxes: a single channel active (DB1A), a single channel passive (DB1P) and a dual channel active (DB2A). The circuitry of each model has been designed with the maximum care, using carefully selected electronic components, such as isolation transformers (DB1A, DB1P) and low-distortion ICs. This guarantees a clean, hum-free signal transmission from the instrument to the mixing consoles, even on very long cables, without impedance matching problems.

On the front panels, a wide choice of connectors is available (XLR, JACK and RCA, depending on the model), allowing easy connection from a wide range of sources, including keyboards and samplers, guitars and basses, PC audio cards and any type of music player.

The ACTIVE versions can be powered by 48 V phantom power from the mixing console, by a 9 V battery or, in large applications using many DI BOXES, by an external 9 V power adapter that can be daisy-chained using the double power connector on the rear panel.

The innovative mechanical design of the three models includes an aluminum shell and rubber corners, which provide maximum protection in the toughest situations. When the two rubber corners are removed, two guides are exposed, allowing the coupling of two DI units, which can then be mounted in a 19 standard rack (rack ears included). This unique feature is extremely convenient for engineers who need to use a large number of DI BOXES in the same application.

– RACK mountable
– MU-METAL core isolation transformer
– High dynamic headroom with minimum phase and harmonic distortion
– Input JACK and XLR connectors with link possibility
– All the connections on the same side
– -10 dB, -20 dB, -30 dB PAD
– Phase reverse
– Powering options: 9V battery, +48V, external AC/DC adaptor supply

Code: DB1A


Type: 1 channel active DI
Width: 215 mm (8.46455 inch)
Height: 50 mm (1.96850 inch)
Depth: 125 mm (4.92125 inch)
Weight: 1 kg (2.205 lb)
Rack Units: 1/2 rack unit. Removing the two molded sides and attaching two units, with the supplied brackets, you can mount two by two DI boxes into a standard 19″ rack.
Power Supply: Phantom Power: +24 volts DC to +48 volts DC External AC/DC adaptor: +9 volts DC with link Standalone/Standby: 9 volt PP3 type battery.
Current drain: < 8 mA
Inputs: Two Parallel 1/4″ jack connectors and one parallel XLR connector (unbalanced).
Input Impedance: 1M Ohm (pad at 0 dB) 47k Ohm (pad at -10/-20 dB) 44k Ohm (pad at -30 dB)
Input Levels: +5 dBu (pad at 0 dB) +15 dBu (pad at -10 dB) +25 dBu (pad at -20 dB) +35 dBu (pad at -30 dB)
Outputs: XLR male: Pin 2 Hot / Pin 3 Cold / Pin1 Ground
Output Levels: into 600 Ohms or greater +3 dBu (for 0.1% THD at 50 Hz) +5 dBu (for 0.1% THD at 1k Hz)
Connectors: XLR male: Pin 2 Hot / Pin 3 Cold / Pin1 Ground
Channels: 1 nr.
Frequency response: 10 Hz to 100 kHz, +0dB/-1 dB
Distortion (THD): < 0.007 %
S/N Ratio: < -105 dBu unweighted
Controls: On/off, Pad -10, Pad -20, Gnd Lift,  inv.
Notes: CMR > 60 dB Phase distortion +14ø at 20 Hz, -6ø at 20k Hz


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